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Luke II

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Mom and baby continue to do well. These pictures were taken today, with Luke still less than 24 hours old.

Luke, I am Your Father

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Earlier this evening (August 28th at 10:23 P.M. Mountain to be exact), Rachel delivered an 8 lbs 2 oz boy we have named Luke Laurin Westhoff. Laurin after Rachel's father and Luke in honor of my Dad who on many occasions has let it be known that if he ever had another boy, he was going to name him Luke. I don't know if you can appreciate it from the pictures, but Luke looks very much like Chase, who will no doubt be pleased to learn of the resemblance. Special thanks to our neighbor Liz for watching the kids all day (and night) while we were in the hospital.

Test Run for Tokyo

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Last Friday Dunn, Zach and I took the bus from Tacoma to Seattle’s downtown area on a field trip of sorts. I hadn’t realized it but this was the first time they remember ever being downtown in a big city (they had heretofore been left at home for obvious reasons).

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