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Emma's New Haircut

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Yesterday I took the plunge and had Emma's hair cut into a chin length bob. I figured she never kept the ponytails or barettes in anyway so what is the point of having it long and scraggly looking. I should have done it months ago. The picture doesn't do it justice but trust me, it is an adorable look on her. Very impish.

Mariners Win Again!

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One of my attendings at the University of Washington had baseball tickets she was not able to use so last night Dunn, Zach and I jumped on the opportunity to see our newly adopted team romp the Detroit Tigers.

Hands on Science

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This week we went to the science center in Seattle. Dunn and I found a huge chess set and decided to play. Although we couldn't finish the game it was fun.

I Love this Picture!

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Hyrum is really starting to get the hang of smiling. His personality is really starting to come through. One thing we have learned is that he is not that fond of Brad. I will hand him off to Brad and he will start screaming. Then, as soon as I take him back he will stop. It is not even that he is hungry or tired. It is pretty funny at times but a pain when I need to get things done. I think Brad likes it most of the time as it gets him off baby duty but at times it is frustrating because his baby no like him!

Lake Ozette

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Last Thursday the boys and I drove all the way to the northwestern-most tip of the Olympic peninsula to camp at Lake Ozette. The lake itself is unremarkable (at least by Washington standards, it would no doubt be a standout anywhere else), what makes the spot a destination is the associated coastal trails. From Lake Ozette, the only access to the coast is by foot—on a three mile long boardwalk through rainforest. It really made for a remarkably beautiful hike.

Happy 24th!

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Katie is visiting and we had fun at the North Park Celebration.

This one is for Daniel

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Just thought I would give Daniel something different to look at.

Harker's Barney

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Harker loves his big purple dinosour.

Pregnant Diane

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This is Diane at 27 weeks! P.S. It's a girl!

Haircut History

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Rachael's post reminded me that there is a great tradition of haircut photos in our family...

Hyrum's First Haircut

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Harker didn't need his first haircut until he was 17 months old. Hyrum is almost 4 months and we have been putting it off for a long time!

San Diego Trip

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As most of you know Rachel and I went to San Diego last month for our tenth anniversary, many thanks to Grandma Rackham who was able to come and watch the kids for us. I had meant to get these pictures up some time ago, but alas, I was distracted.

Red, White and Blue Hyrum

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I love my little guy!

At Safeco Field

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Last month I took Dunn and Zach to see a Mariner's game at Safeco field with a couple of friends from my residency. Today Ben Betteridge (pictured with his son on his shoulders--you may remember Ben as the guy who married the former Rachel Westhoff of the Kansas Westhoff's) gave me a picture his wife took during the game, and I thought I'd share.

My cute little niece!

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My babies

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My cute baby

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This is my cute little Addyson Jane


Hyrum Hair

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hyrum hair.JPG

Front Yard Pool

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The kids playing in their new pool
It's a beautiful day and I'm sitting on the front porch watching the kids play in the yard in a pool Ray bought today. My niece Carrie and several of the neighbor kids are joining in the festivities.

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